Bi-racial dolls for your unique children

Children of mixed ancestry are some of the most beautiful children in the world.

Each child is unique right down to the texture of hair, the shape of eyes, and the variation in noses and lips.

But until now, dolls with biracial features have been nonexistent. Children of Love Dolls and Accessories LLC was created to fill the void.

In a fit of inspiration, we designed dolls that depict a beautiful mix of races. It was long overdue. Could toy manufacturers not see how gorgeous these children are?

Thanks to Children of Love Dolls, each child, no matter their heritage, may have a doll that represents them -- their unique hair, skin, and eye color as well as their delicately shaped lips and noses. 

Dolls speak positive affirmation

These beautiful 18-inch-tall dolls also boost self-esteem. Push the voice box on the tummy and the child gets a positive affirmation about being strong, kind, beautiful, unique, loved, smart and a child of love. 

Image of all 3 dolls standing side by side

Children of Love’s growing inventory so far includes black and white mixed dolls, both black and white mixed with Asian and Latino, and Latino mixed with Native American. Each doll is different and, just like our children, created in love.

Included with the $99.99 purchase of each doll is a change of clothes and book that explains the parents’ racial background. The children name their own dolls and write the name in the space provided in the accompanying book. Values encouraged in the books are self-esteem, acceptance of differences, and kindness.

Meet the founder 

I am Shelia Kay Rideau, founder and CEO of Children of Love Dolls and Accessories LLC. I want children to know that they were created out of love, and that God loves everyone, no matter their color or race. I was inspired by the beauty of my own mixed-race children, Samuel Elijah and Gabrielle Elyse.

If we were all made the same, the world would be a boring place.

Our dolls are designed to help children be proud of the special touches that God has given each of them.

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